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Kutztown University takes pride in promoting diversity on campus, and personal computing is no exception. Accordingly, the university does not officially recommend one computer system over another for students wishing to connect to ResNet. If you plan on purchasing a new computer and connecting to ResNet, here are a few things to consider:

1. Support

The ResNet help desk currently fully supports Mac OS X and Windows 8/7/Vista/XP. There are also some KU students who connect to ResNet using Linux, but be advised that on-campus Linux support is limited.

Regarding routine computer maintenance, students should be aware that Kutztown University goes to great lengths to preserve the integrity of the campus network, including denying network access to any computer found to be virus-infected or attempting to spread a virus.

To guard against loss of network access, all students need to install operating system patches as they are released and regularly update their anti-virus software.

2. Field of study

If you've already decided on a major, talk with department faculty members to see which system(s) they recommend. There may be required courseware which is better suited for a particular operating system.

3. Laptop vs. Desktop

More than 90% of KU students own laptops, and that percentage continues to rise each year. Laptop computers do offer distinct advantages over desktops in that they allow you to connect to the network from anywhere on campus, and they leave a much smaller footprint on students' desks which can quickly become overcrowded with a CPU, monitor, printer, etc.

One concern with laptops is that because they are portable, they are more susceptible to theft, so we strongly recommend purchasing a laptop security device.

A complementary laptop security solution is Lo-Jack® for Laptops. This is a software solution that embeds itself deep in the computer's BIOS and "phones home" whenever the computer is connected to the internet. Lo-Jack works directly with computer manufacturers so that it stays with the computer, even if the hard drive is reformatted. Lo-Jack for Laptops is available for Mac OS X and Windows computers. KU's Public Safety office has been successful in locating stolen laptops that have Lo-Jack for Laptops installed.

Taking all of this into account, here are some vendors' systems to consider:

Apple Computer® offers two portable models (MacBook Air and MacBook Pro) and three desktop models (iMac, Mac mini and Mac Pro), all of which can be custom-configured to your liking.

Apple systems run Mac OS X (and are capable of running Windows 8 or 7 as well) and have built-in wifi and Ethernet*, so they're ready to connect to ResNet. As a student, you can purchase Apple systems online from Kutztown University's Apple Store for education, or by calling The Apple Store for Education Individuals at 1.800.692.7753. Apple systems can also be purchased from the KU Student Bookstore.

* Please note that if you decide to purchase the MacBook Air, we strongly recommend also purchasing the optional USB Ethernet Adapter($29 from the Apple Store) so that you'll be able to connect to the campus network in those areas of campus where there is no wireless access, including many residence hall rooms.

Dell Computer® offers various configurations of it's laptop and desktop models priced for education. Standard Dell system configurations include the Windows 8 operating system, and most provide built-in wifi and Ethernet. If you purchase a Dell system, be sure an integrated Ethernet network port is included.

As a student, you can purchase Dell systems online, or by calling 1.888.987.3355.