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The ResNet help desk staff is composed of full-time students who share an affinity for fixing computer problems and helping others. The services the help desk provides are free to all on-campus residents of the university. We will help students assess any computer problem and try to resolve all issues within our means. Here are a few examples of the types of issues for which we can provide assistance:

Software issues
Adware/Spyware removal
Trojan removal
Anti-virus installation
Virus removal/prevention
System updates
System restores
Password changes
Hardware issues
Hardware component installation
Laptop screen replacement
Assistance with peripherals (printers, scanners, etc.)
Data recovery
Network issues
Connectivity problems
Network authentication problems
WiFi problems

The ResNet helpdesk provides the following levels of service for students experiencing computer or network problems:

Walk-in service
Students who want the fastest possible service are welcome to stop by the ResNet helpdesk with their laptop. Many minor issues related to network settings, antivirus updates, etc., can typically be resolved in about 30 minutes.

Drop-off service
Students who don't want to hang around while their computer gets fixed are welcome to drop off their computer at the ResNet helpdesk. Students who own desktop computers need only supply the CPU -- not the monitor, keyboard, mouse or other peripherals.

House call
House calls are a great convenience to students. If you need help configuring your computer to connect to the network, or are having a problem with one of your peripherals, you can call the ResNet helpdesk and arrange for someone to come to your room to provide assistance.

Phone support
Helpdesk staff try to resolve many issues over the phone. If the problem can't be resolved remotely, they may recommend taking your system to the helpdesk or scheduling a house call.

Support for off-campus students
The ResNet help desk offers pay-for-service computer support to Kutztown University students residing off-campus. However, we do not offer on-site support for off-campus students. All off-campus support is provided in-house at the ResNet help desk.

There are some other limitations to the scope of support that we can provide to off-campus students. For pricing and complete details, please refer to the ResNet Off-Campus Computer Support Program.